Tiny Tones

The project aim to discover the subtle sound reaction cost by frequency and resonators. 

The first idea for this installation was using the mechanic energy create by sound  to move objects. I wanted to reference the principle from Helmholtz resonance in order to create a mechanic force by using sound from speaker.

During the process, I used speaker membrane vibration as second strategy for moving objects.

  • By moving a bottle with it’s resonance frequency, the experimenter has to build up a close container for sound source ( the speaker ) and sound receiver ( the bottle ). As the size of container increase, less energy can be receive from the source. That means need more power from the source. It Leads to sent energy unequal from the receive energy, the receive energy is much lower due to the delivery process.

  • By moving small objects ( nails ) with vibration of membrane, the experimenter need to increase the movement of low frequency. As low frequency’s feature is slow movement, for increase the movement require more power. The power to create low frequency vibration is unequal from direct power of moving small objects.

In both experiments, I found the energy lose in delivery. As the sent energy was much more than the receive energy. Meanwhile, the third experiment changed this situation by the application of resonance frequency and resonators.


As the resonance frequency of resonator is much louder than other frequency in the resonator, I used container’s resonance frequency plus a low frequency or Pink Noise.


Power * resonance frequency = loudness> Power * other frequency = loudness

Smaller Power * resonance frequency = Same loudness = Power * other frequency


With different frequency combinations with resonators, there are interesting sound reactions appeared. 

Please wear head phone to discover Tiny Tones



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